Way back 1997, when I was still in Manila, I was fortunate enough to have attended PSI Advance (http://www.psiseminars.com/). It was during that time that I was introduced to the Law of Attraction. I learned more about it and was inspired by it. Ever since then, things started to gradually fall into place. My first major manifestation came, 6 months later, when I finally got to move to the City of Dreams, New York.

It was in New York that I became more in touch with my spirituality. I was an Asian soul still learning to adapt to the Western psyche. I had bouts of homesickness and moments of frustration. After a while, I found myself yearning for much-needed company and the elusive true love. There were a number of online dates at Loveawake dating site, but not as steady as it had been when I was back in my homeland. During those times, I always made sure to refocus my energies on my goals.

After a while, I moved to Chicago. I indulged myself in books on relationships and love. I attended seminars by Kathryn Alice, Ariel Ford and Abraham Hicks among others. I reminded myself about the Law of Attraction and it was then that I was able to experience more manifestations in my life. As for my quest for true love, I started making use of the Vision Board. Never did I think that this tool would be such a powerful mover in my life. Without expectations, I put together my Vision Board, starting out with a photo of a couple kissing in the rain. I then added the elements that I deemed important in any relationship: Honesty, Trust, Commitment and Happiness. Being a travel enthusiast, I also included this phrase: Going global. Two tickets… one trip.

A Vision Board is actually fun yet difficult (for some) to do. You can be as creative as you want. Doing it with someone else helps a lot, too. Remember, do not miss out on the whole point of the tool – this is you in the future – a concrete version of your life plans and how you can achieve them. As you work on your Vision Board, you are also working on your emotions and your mind, preparing yourself to have the right disposition to manifest.

Amidst the partying and my passing life, my Vision Board was kept hidden inside my closet. I always get to see it when dressing up for my day. I did not worry about it too much, but rather, I surrendered myself to the idea that one day, it will come. Finally, in my 40s, Domingo came around. Yes, he is the love of my life – my soulmate. On our first year together, we went on a total of ten trips. On two occasions, we enjoyed the beaches of foreign countries. It was just as I had envisioned it to be. And that was just the cherry on top, because what was more important was that the relationship elements I wanted were all there.

I feel it is my duty to help others be happy, too. So, I am sharing my story and how it shows the Law of Attraction and the Vision Board working for love.